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Sharing Joy and Love

The pain of not being able to share the joy and love you feel, with anyone, again feels like a death process. The giving and receiving of love seems like another duality.

In a world craving for love, we find that love comes from within before it comes from without, and when we find it within, there’s an overwhelming sense of sharing it without.

How do you share it when you finally have it? So far the problem was not feeling love and compassion, now the problem is how to share it, if the other is not in a position to receive it? Both Physically and Energetically?

Physically, there are space and time constraints to sharing. There are rules, ideas and our own personal blocks, limitations and boundaries.

Energetically, we can still yet have heart to heart communications beyond space and time. However it’s not so easy or natural for us yet to perceive this energetic connection.

🔗 Growing from a two-dimensional love (between two people) to n-dimensional love (between you and everyone else/nature/universe/existence)

I’m thrown back to a sense of aloneness and separation from existence. Important thing here is to feel and accept this yet more deeper level of aloneness and separation. Dropping down to a feeling at the core/stomach/navel of my being.

A deeper awareness of my mind and thoughts and words and silence. Watching and waiting. No ideas or expectations, no imagination, no fantasy or dreams can hold my attention, everything real seems beyond the mind now. This feeling is unexplained, so unexpected yet so simple.

My energy seems like it is in a dynamic of exchange both inside and out but I’m so far unable to completely perceive this dynamic. There’s yet again a tendency to attach or be identified with one expression of this dynamic or play/exchange of energy, that felt good while it was alive and present.

Now that the energy has expanded, one cannot crave or cling to the same sense of expansion. Being and staying aware of the yet more greater joys and bliss of expansion to come, in yet more unexpected, unimaginable ways and synchronicity of energy dynamics and play and interactions.

Being intentional of my magnetic capacity and ability, of my own sense of self-worth and self-love and what brings me joy and happiness without judging or comparing myself to an idea of being happy or being in love.

A deeper acceptance of my own reality and facts of my being (aloneness, sexuality, dreams) and embracing my worthiness though that acceptance.

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