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What is The Soulful Events Newsletter?

Living and staying in a city, we often look for things to do on a weekend as a fun activity, going out or just entertainment to break out of from the work mindset and schedule.

However most of us end up falling into another set pattern or a repeating schedule, working on the weekdays and partying or going out on the weekends.

Soulful Events Newsletter is as way to find meaningful events and activities to do, that are enriching and nourishing to the body, mind or the soul , ideally all of them, instead of just being a activity to pass away the time.

🔗 Mission

Our goal is to create a community of early adopters of the New Earth. People who are working on themselves and others via technology, products and various works of arts to raise their and the collective consciousness of the society.

We do this by creating various platforms that act as a bazaar for exchange of ideas, experiences and knowledge. As well as a place to meet and connect with fellow travellers.

🔗 Vision

The first vision of coordination is to enable a group of community leaders to foster a sub-community in their own vicinity, online and/or offline, aided by various tools and blueprints/techniques/processes curated and distributed through our core community.

Most of the resources on self-exploration are shrouded by commercial gimmicks and are out right scams that distract seeks from the true path. We achieve our vision by mainly separating signal from noise and truths from half-truths.

The greatest tool in our mission is the referrals and recommendations of our community members since truth itself cannot be shared directly but the ways of igniting the spark in another can be.

🔗 Target Audience

City dwelling seekers and pilgrims that are living within a society with integration.

🔗 Principles

Events that have an essences of self-exploration and inquiry. Performances, workshops and gatherings that, shares/creates a space from the experiences of their own journey towards inner peace and silence expressed through various means (music, dance, art, poetry, etc) or teaches the way and techniques to others so they may walk the path and experience on their own.

While selecting/curating events it is good to think through various perspectives:

🔗 Get Involved

If Soulful Events calls to you, sign up for the newsletter over at the Soulfulevents website.

If there isn’t a newsletter running for your city or town yet and you’d like to lead the curation yourself, reach out to me for ways to contribute.

Described below is the process of how we generally structure a newsletter but you’d have the flexibility and space to experiment your own style.

🔗 The Process

We create different sections within the soulful events newsletter for other cities/locations and give access to the respective curators of that location.

If there’s multiple people curating for a location it’s recommend to create a draft of the post on a real-time editing platform like Google docs or since the ghost/substack editor does not work well for multiple people editing at the same time.

Things to note:

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